Through partnerships with reputable large scale manufacturers of paper and plastic card products, Xantium is able to supply high quality products at extremely competitive pricing.

By virtue of their size, our manufacturing partners are able to leverage economies of scale both in the procurement of raw materials, and the procurement of state of the art production machinery.All factories carry ISO 9000:2000 certification as well as full compliance with the logical and physical requirements of Visa and MasterCard International.

  1. Plastic cards
  2. This includes CR80 Specification cards with or without a magnetic stripe for use in the following applications:
  3. Chip Cards
  4. These cards are either used in contact, contactless and dual interface environments in the following applications:
  5. Paper Cards
  6. These are typically single use cards with pre-loaded values with PIN numbers protected by tamper evident opaque foils. Some features include the following:


Value-added manufacturing services include the packaging of cards - normally for GSM networks, but this service extends to any cards. The contents of the pack are limitless, and are either sourced on behalf of the customer, or supplied by them.
Typical packaging materials include various shapes and sizes of the following basic packs: