Track & Trace

Xantium has developed a Track and Trace system which can be used not only as an internal personalisation production management tool, but also gives customers the level of comfort that the card personalisation will be completed in the required time frame.

Card Personalisation is a value added service that has a direct impact on the brand of the company that issues the card. In the eyes of the end user, the role of the personalisation bureau is not known, and any delays in the personalisation of the card are perceived to be directly caused by inefficiencies at the issuing company.

As a result of this, a lot of trust is placed in the personalisation bureau to deliver cards on time and to the correct specification.
Xantium Integrated Solutions has developed a web-based front-end to the Track and Trace system to allow personalisation bureau customers to track the progress of their orders through the personalisation bureau
One benefit of this is for feedback for call centres, allowing for accurate information in real time, making it possible for the call centre agent to identify where in the system a card is, and to manage customers' expectations on the first call.

Some of Xantium's larger customers have Card Operation Departments which are responsible for the on time delivery of over half a million personalised cards per month. The Track and Trace system has proven to be an effective tool in the management of the supply chain, from cards being ordered through to dispatch. This has given our clients sufficient visibility to generate a level of comfort, that all cards will be delivered on time - meeting their service promises.
The ability to track an individual card has proven immensely successful in being able to ensure that key customers, with particular requirements, are able to get their cards in the shortest possible time.

Data Accuracy

All information that appears in the Track and Trace System is triggered by events such as personalisation or mailing machine log files, or by a barcode being scanned. This ensures that the information is accurate and is recorded in real time.
The level of detail that is available regarding the progress of a card, is determined by the processes set up in the personalisation operation.
The most rigourous of implementations address Visa and MasterCard audit trail requirements, specifically giving proof of handover of each card from the personalisation bureau.